New device, but cant keep losing connection

A brand new machine. AX 1800
I can connect to the machine via wifi, and log in and create a new password without issue. But if i then move away from the page, any time i try it comes up as ‘Site cannot be reached’. Even if i connect via Ethernet cable. Rebooted…
Next time I stayed on the connection. And soon got “Timeout in response. Please check the network environment or reboot the device.”. Have tried a factory reset still the same.
But i can be connected to the device through wifi, and ethernet connection from WAN to my network, and its fine. But I cannot get the machine to find any networks in my house, even thought there are plenty showing on PC.
Am i oding something really dum, or is it a faulty machine?

@fcvideo try

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When you connect device and have look information with word “gateway”. That’s is router address.

If not connect device that means your static IP address wrong, leave blank or leave auto dhcp.