New GLMT1300 shuts off wireless

Brand new GLMT1300. Change the name of the 5G wifi. Connect a few devices and poof the wifi shuts off completely.
I reset it, try again, same thing.
Works okay over Ethernet.
Connected to Starlink via the Ethernet WAN port. (Ethernet stays up fine when the WIfi dies.)
Firmware 3.211
Router seems to think the WIfi is still running, but no device can see it, so I have to conclude the router doesn’t know it has an issue.
Trying to install Luci, says it installed fine but gives a 500 error when I try to go to

Needless to say i’m not pleased. This is a brand new device out of the box, WTF.

Suggestions? Thanks.

I don’t have had this issue. But because of some issues, l suggest to downgrade to FW 3.203 (or if this is not an option, a newer Beta)…
The 3.211 seems to bring some crazy behaviour in some environments/setups, that won’t be a problem in other version.

There are some basic issues that you have to make it right.

But I am not helping WTF guys.

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I just got one of these a couple days ago, the device came with the latest stable 3.2.11 firmware, I downgraded to 3.203 and this particular issue went away.

Also, the BETA version 3.215 beta1 seems to address this particular issue.

I am still having issues with OpenVPN being unstable, after some extensive testing, it seems 3.2.11 is the most stable version for OpenVPN connection, but then I have WiFi issues, or downgrade to 3.203 and have OpenVPN issues but working WiFi.

I am starting to wonder if I should return this one and pick a different model.