New Mudi help

Just received the Mudi which is fantastic. But I’m having 2 main problems I can’t solve:

  1. How do I access packages? I install adblock/luci-adblock, ChinaDNS and sqm, but can’t find in the admin panel anywhere on how to configure it.

  2. SOLVED (I set my router IP as Fixed it by changing it to I can’t access the internet from my connect iPad. Through the 4G modem and also Wifi repeater, I was able to connect online. I was able to download packages on to the Mudi, connect/config to Mullvad VPN and Tor. I can even access it on GoodCloud remotely. But for some reason I can’t connect on to the internet from my iPad which is connected to the Mudi. Do I need to open up ports, or is the firewall blocking it?

  3. Is there a way to have Mulvad Wireguard while simultaneously having OpenVPN to my home server? Would like all external internet to go through Mullvad, but only 172.16.x.x to route through home server. Is that possible?

Many thanks

If you add app with luci, there should be UI in luci. If not, you may need to ssh to the router and config manually.

For this, you also need to set up manually. This is too complicated to have this in the default UI.