New to openwrt, settings advice with Mobley?

I got the gl-ar300m, to increase clients over my zte Mobleys 5 max. I have mobley usb wired to ar300, repeater connection disabled (to force usb connection? Seems to be working as AP ok.) I set DNS to google, everything seems to be working correctly, except:
Im having frame rate issues with my WyzeCams live view on my ios 10.3.3 ipad, and bluestacks app wont connect at all to WCams-- I had no trouble when directly connected to Mobleys wifi. I’m wondering if there are some settings in openwrt that might fix these problems? I am a complete noob with this owrt depth of router config.

my iphone 6plus streams live ok, interestingly.

Are there any other settings I need to address with this hardware configuration? my wan is disabled

**edited model name
**update:it was an issue with WyzeCam, works fine now

Are you using AR300M? It should not 500M.

Do you simply mean when using the router, the webcam is low or something?

Yes sorry AR500M, with antenna