New to the AR-750S - Have a few customization questions


First of all, the AR-750 is just about everything I’ve been looking for in a portable router. I would like to know about a few things.

  • I understand that the firmware is a customized branch of OpenWRT. Are there advantages or disadvantages to changing to pure OpenWRT?
  • Is it possible to map the physical switch on the router to do a different function of choosing? I would like it to enable/disable the DHCP server. There are times when I just want the router to act as an AP, and while using it in router mode doesn’t change that, disabling DHCP and only using the LAN ports (and not the WAN port) is close for a lot of scenarios. Also, to extend that switch function, it could disable DHCP and ALSO move the WAN Ethernet port over to the LAN (internal) VLAN so that there are 3 switch ports.


The only thing you loose on the AR750s going to “Vanilla” OpenWRT is the GL UI, a more simple user friendly UI for the most popular settings, and easier to set up Wireguard and OpenVPN servers/clients.

You can see more about the UI here:

The switch on the router is connected to a script which you can modify as you like. It’s up to you to set up any custom shell commands in it, but there are examples here on the forums how to do that too.


Can someone supply the original script for the physical switch? I’m not finding that on the forums. I updated to the latest openWRT & didn’t know I should’ve copied that script first. Thanks!

Which script do you mean?