New VIXMINI, no openvpn application

Just bought the new VIXMINI, device is sleek and small (that why called “MINI”, I guess).

The device is installed with the new 3.X firmware with the new ADMIN PANEL “Beta” which NO application is installed. I am looking for the Open VPN application which I used with my another AR300M.

My current version is 3.003. Should I wait for an update or should I flash 2.X firmware?

Hi Chopper,

Vixmini is not supposed to have openvpn etc. It is just a small router, multiple methods connecting to the network, working as router, ap, extender etc.

But you have opkg to install all software packages and you can DIY it.

VIXMINI only with 8MB flash, while the firmware is approximately 7MB. It is dangerous to install other ipks, the flash is really limit.