New web store and AR750 pre-order

Please try our new store at

In the new store, you can pre-order AR750, which is our first dual-band travel router. It is an replacement of AR300MD.

Orders will be fulfilled end of this month.

good work!

ar750 as internal antenna?

When will this be available on Amazon UK?

Looking good, can’t wait to poke around with one. Wish there were an external antenna(s) option though.

I jumped on the early order wagon! Would love to know some more details. Any shots of the board? are the wan/lan ports 10/100 or 10/100/1000?


Same OpenVPN performance as AR300M, correct?

I’d agree on the external antenna option, perhaps there is room to add one? we will know more soon hopefully

External antenna version will come later, as usual

Selling on Amazon will come later, as usual

Same openvpn performance as AR300M

Ethernet is 10/100 Mbps. Want Gigabit and same size router? Maybe you need to wait until next year. We do have plan for this.

Yeah a little disappointed to see same OVPN performance; we need something with a little more umph. Could we get that with the new year and a Gigabit-capable model as well? A faster chip coming?

@pabzter, the openvpn performance is not bad. If you can control the server and fine tune the parameters it can reach 20Mbps, pretty good. If you use other protocols e.g. shadow socks, it can reach 30Mbps.

We are having a bigger router very soon, gigabit ethernet and faster CPU, which can achieve double speed in openvpn.

I couldn’t tell from the pictures, and the user manual is not up yet, but does the AR750 have a programmable switch like the AR300M? I use mine for turning on VPN.

Wow I’ve never been able to achieve beyond 9-10Mbps. Usually 6-8 is the top for me. What magic setting am I missing?

30Mbps would be really really nice…I could live with that :slight_smile:

I don’t really mind a larger-size footprint (within reason, of course) but hopefully it can still be USB powered as that’s handy for using a battery pack on the road for sure. Maybe USB-C if it needs more juice?

@evilbobo333, yes it has the same switch as AR300M.

@pabzter, I can achieve 17Mpbs using AR300M using Astrill. The large router will use 12V input unfortunately. It is supposed to be a home router, not travel router.

Never used Astrill, what is the magic setting(s) for that kind of speed? Does it only work with them? I ask because as I said, 8-9Mbps seems to be the top end that I’ve seen across the board. Occasionally 10 but that’s absolute max. It’s acceptable for most purposes but certainly 17 would be a 100% improvement and something I’d investigate for sure.

@pabzter, which one do you use? I don’t know the magic settings, but I have tried 30+ vpn services and I observed the big differences.

Beautiful device! I would like to be cheaper, because in this segment there are so many devices with the same characteristics or better for the same price.

what kind of killer features does it have?

I use PIA and also PrivateTunnel sometimes.

@Passter. I disagree with your market assessment. I can only find 2 available travel units in the AC class, the TP-Link TL-WR902AC and the Trendnet TEW-817DTR. Both are single port devices and neither has a media card slot.

The Trendnet is designed to plug into a wall, which I think is substantially restrictive. I had the original Linksys travel router (Still do) and there are so many times AC was an issue. 5v USB power is much more flexible. No LEDE support.

The TP-Link unfortunately has lost LEDE support the past few days due to the kernel size larger than the devices partition size on the latest devices.

This leaves the GL.iNet device standing alone for OpenWrt\LEDE at the same market price as the TP-Link with 2 more Ethernet ports, twice the flash, twice the RAM and a card reader.


@RangerZ - no argument, it just doesn’t provide anything for my particular use case beyond what the AR300-M currently does, with the exception of the 5GHz WiFi band. Which is a big deal, to me, hence I’m ordering a couple devices.

I have had some “travel routers” in the past with USB power support and I agree it’s a nice feature and very handy. The extra port is nice but I use mobile 5-port switches (also USB powered) so that doesn’t really do anything for me.

I guess it all comes down to use case like anything else. I agree the GLI products are unique offerings - if they weren’t, I wouldn’t own several :slight_smile:

End of the day, I’ll take a faster CPU and all the features at the expense of [losing] USB power, if necessary. It’s always a trade-off and I realize that.

@RangerZ - you forgot to mention that GL has just about the best support on the planet!