Newbee at Open VPN and Network building MT300N

I never set up an VPN Server and want to connect to my home Network as shown in the picture. As far as I know I have to setup a port forward from the VPN server into my router, and the setupfiles into the client.

  1. Must I connect WAN and LAN from the MT300N to my home switch?
  2. Must I setup something else, I want the same IP-range in the Hotel as I have at home.

Thanks for helping out a newbee.

  1. You have to connect WAN, so that MT300N can access the Internet as VPN server.
  2. Why do you want to set up the same ip range as your home in the hotel?

Thank You for your answer.

  1. So I only have to connect WAN to the switch, and I can connect to my home network?. I thought it was only the “Internet connection listen side” and I also had to connect the “LAN Connection” to access to my Homenetwork
  2. You are right, as long as I can access my home network as I where at home, it doesn’t matter.

If I understand everything right, please give me short reply so I can start my project ;). Thank you

Yup, you just need to connect WAN, and configure port forwarding on your main router. The client side use global proxy, so I think you can access the server’s home network if VPN connection is established.

Thanks again for your quick response. I hope I will get it to work. Have a nice Weekend!