Newbie on OpenWrt and Suggested Projects


  1. what is the firmware/os installed by default in Domino Core?
  2. How to change to OpenWrt?
  3. Since I have only ordered the core, the USB is the only available port for me, Can I use powered-usb hub for expansions?
  4. If I can use USB powered hub, can I connect to it few devices like a.) usb thumdrive? b.) usb sound card? c.) usb wifi? d.) usb bluethooth?
  5. is it possible to connect Arduino to the USB and perform wireless upload?
  6. If #5 is not possible, but Is it possible to communicate to arduino via serial/usb? this way it can be an IoT device.


1,2. It is by default OpenWrt.
3. Yes, you can use USB hub. You don’t need a powered-usb hub if your hub don’t requires separate power
4. Yes. a) b) c) should works fine. d) we have no experience. But it should work as long as you have the right driver.
5. Which arduino USB board?
6. Yes. This is what we did in Domino Qi. Arduino is connected to Domino Core via serial and GPIOs.