Newbie Question: VPN

I want to travel and be protected. I do not need to connect to a particular geography.

Is there somewhere I can read up on how to set this up?
Do I need to create a Server and Client?
Do I need to sign-up for a service?

What are you trying to be protected from? If it is just data, almost all WEB and app traffic is encrypted today. If you are worried that someone is tracking what sites you visit, and you use a commercial VPN provider, then you need to trust that they are not tracking you. If you setup your own VPN server at your house, then you have to depend that your Internet provider is not tracking you.

I use a VPN when I travel as I want to look like I’m in my home country, and I don’t want whatever place I am staying at to be able to track my end-points. I use a mixture home based and cloud based VPN servers that I control, and an older GL iNet travel router that I take with me.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

I want to be able to use this in a place with public wifi and know that I am secure. I am not looking to do anything to trick my systems into what geography that I am in. I am solely looking to make sure I am not subject to a breach (e.g., man-in-the-middle attack). I may be being paranoid . . . but better safe than sorry.

I see setting up openVPN client and server. Is there any documentation on what each is for and what you get from each?

I think you may want to do some basic research into VPNs to get more ideas of what they are and can do. I found this site has good info without trying to sell you on a specific service or equipment.: Virtual Private Network (VPN) | An Introduction - GeeksforGeeks