Newby - GL-1800 Slate/Surfshark

Hi all,

If this has been asked before then my apologies I did look.

My issue is that I have just got a GL-ATX1800 on which I run Surfshark on iOS. Being away from home I like to use an app called Supa Legacy to access my IPTV content, to access my server I need to be able to enter a code to login (3 options enter code, login in via MAC address or activate MAC address). When I tether any apple device to my mobile signal I have no issues at all, but when I route the traffic through my router the code option dissappears. So something in either my router or VPN is blocking it. I have tried it with or without the VPN and there is no change so I’m guessing the issue is with my router settings.

Any ideas? I appreciate that this probably isn’t the clearest explaination but I’m new to all this mobile/VPN router type stuff.

Thank you

Well the MAC-based authentication isn’t going to work as that’s been changed by Surfshark VPN, whatever upstream Wi-Fi/Public Internet connection you’re using.

The Slate AX should be passing traffic perfectly transparently if the VPN is disabled… but you say there’s no luck there. IIRC iOS passes more than just the basic connectivity needs ‘along the wire’ so I can’t look to that too much… but I really wouldn’t be surprised if that’s apart of the Supa Legacy’s authentication precautions.

I’d shoot an email to them & ask for further details about the technical process when authenticating. Link this thread.

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