Nexdns issues with GL-B1300

I have issues with the DNS failing at some point with my B1300 while using Nextdns with TLS encryption. At some point it just stops working, and the only fix is to disable it and then enable it again (it then begins to work). I have reverted to unencrypted DNS, which is fine, but would prefer to use TLS if possible).

I am running a WG client connection to my own VPN server in the cloud, in the event that the two things are related. Everything else is pretty vanilla… anyone have any ideas???

which version of firmware are you running?
Nextdns requires a certain version of Stubby/Openssl so if your version is below that it might work a bit wonky.

Seems that it is a problem of stubby. Haven’t got a solution.

any chance to try with Unbound? since it supports DoT