I installed the nextdns-cli client for openwrt but at every restart of the router I lose the settings

Do you have the same problem?

Which router are you using?

In our router and stock firmware, you cannot use Nexdns, right? It needs a newer ssl library.

E750 and AR750S

I use this →

1- ssh openwrt console
2- OpenWRT · nextdns/nextdns Wiki · GitHub

Can you check ?

NextDNS needs ssl 1.1.1 or higher. So you’d better need OpenWrt 1907.

Hope when you guys have Adguard Home ready then it will be easy to use NextDNS

@reflector opkg install luci-app-adblock
opkg install luci-app-dnsoverhttps

And all is good, these packages can either be added manually (look at but if you haven’t got an far too old firmware installed anyways, in the gl-stock firmwares via LuCi / SSH are they to get without problems as well.

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