No access to client network from server network


i use first GL-300N-V2 as OpenVPN-client, second GL-300N-V2 as OpenVPN server. access

from client network to server network successful.

but how I use the other direction, i.e. access the client network from the server’s network ?

thanks in advance Thomas

Is the client network a subnet of the server network when the VPN is up?

no, client and server network are different, for example
client-network and server network

From 3.201, you have an option to allow local access. This option is in both server and client. You should enable both.

Off topic, but in a TUN connection the client will be given a different subnet, often, with routing added.

Also, you will avoid problems if you change the server network from the common Even if the client isn’t on that network, it is not unheard of for the modems, routers, etc. along the way to have that as well, and then confusion results.