No Control Panel on Ethernet Connection

I use a AX3000 Berryl router.

I use the router, in part, to provide internet to my PC as it has no wifi adapter. So I get the wifi signal to the router, then plug in my PC with an Ethernet cable. However, I am unable to access the router’s control panel from my PC when I do this. I have to use my phone to connect to the router’s wifi signal and use my phone to access the control panel.

When I first got the router I could access the control panel from my PC plugged into the router. Now, after a factory reset (and a firmware update), it does not connect. I do have internet access to my PC.

Any ideas on why this is? I’m thinking I’ve set something up wrong but after playing with the settings and doing another reset I’m still not able to access the control panel.

What IP does your PC got?

70...145. I think it must be the same IP as the one from my ISP.

This would be pretty weird. It should be an address inside the internal network, like 192.168.8.x

Yeah. The IP for the control panel is, and when I type that in my web browser I even have the history saved when I accessed it before.

Any ideas?

Sounds like your ethernet interface is not set up correctly.

Check that it is set up for DHCP, and not with a fixed address.

Just performed a factory reset just in case it was something I did and I’m still not able to access the control panel.

I’m not very tech savvy, but under “DHCP Server” it shows enabled, and has a start and end IP address that goes between 100-249 as the last three digits.

I meant the ethernet interface on your PC - it needs to be set to get the IP address automatically from the router.

Could you explain a bit more on how to do that?

I just checked my Ethernet Status > Network Connection details. My IPv4 Address is My IPv4 Subnet Mask is IPv4 Default Gateway/DHCP/DNS/WINS are all what the control panel IP should be…

When I check my IP address on Google it show me a different IP, I imagine the one from my ISP.

Looks to me like your PC ethernet port is setup correctly, so you should be able to see the admin panel in your browser.

Can you ping from the PC?

I did ping it, and all packets were lost.

It’s a mystery to me why you can’t ping the Beryl - everything looks correct.

Can you post the results of the ipconfig command on tthe PC?