No Finding Firmware: GL-AR300M-ext

Please explain where I find Tor firmware for GL-AR300M-ext. I try GL.iNet download center but it not work. I buy this for use Tor. Please help thank you.

@alzhao You know this answer?

You need to use this one.

@alzhao I try this before and see error that is not correct.

Might be an idea to post some details instead of just whinging.

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@glitch Error say not is correct firmwares during upload. Say same for firmwares @alzhao tells is same as other firmwares. Maybe you can test that this is correct firmwares with different router same model?

click the repo page and check how much space left for your router.

The AR300M-Ext has two flashes, Nor and Nand. Maybe you router boot into Nor for some reason.

If the space is only 16MB, use this one GL.iNet download center

If the space is more than 100MB, pls use this one GL.iNet download center

Please explain what this says?

Please explain Nor and Nand?

Hi @alzhao you say “The AR300M-Ext has two flashes, Nor and Nand” Please explain what is different in these two?

As far as I know there is little or no real difference.
If you use Nand (I have only ever used this firmware) then you have more storage space for “plug-ibs” etc.

On the AR300’s… it’s mostly a dev thing. NAND does give a bit more space for packages - that’s the upside… and access to those packages is faster…

That being said - the NOR’s are what is present on the OpenWRT 18.06 upstream… going to NAND on the AR300M, one has to look at master on the ath78 target with device tree…

Option there is to build from Gl-Inet’s version - but again, this is all developer stuff…