No internet access after Firmware Update when using Override DNS Settings for All Clients

Hi there,

Just to let you aware of an issue I detected during the last recent firmware update.
I have a Brume2 and a Slate AX, both configured with Override DNS Settings for All Clients = TRUE, Encrypted DNS = TRUE, Encryption Type = DNS Over TLS, DNS Provider = NextDNS.

Firmware was applied as the upgrade pop-up appeared.
First I did that in the Brume2 unit, and then after the update I got no internet. Then I went to the DNS config and just checked the option “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” to FALSE, boom, internet working again. I updated the Software Update Lists option in Luci and after a minute I checked the “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” option to TRUE again and the internet kept working, so it does not look to be a configuration issue on my side, it is just that after the firmware update that option need to be disabled and enabled again for some reason. I am not sure if the Software Update Lists is needed or not.

I installed the Slate AX firmware and the same thing happened, no internet. Followed the same steps, disabled “Override DNS Settings for All Clients”, ran Software Update Lists and enabled “Override DNS Settings for All Clients”, boom internet is back again.

PS: This also explains why the last remote firmware update I did a couple of months ago on a Brume1 broke the internet and let the router not accessible. I had to call my brother and manually ask him to reconfigure the DNS to make it work again. At that time I thought it was a particular thing but now I see it is a common behavior somehow related to the DNS stopping to work after the update.