No internet connection using GL.iNet GL-SFT1200

I have been using the GL.iNet GL-SFT1200 since August of 2023 and have had not any problems, however recently I accidentally disconnected the power cable and after plugging it back in, it doesn’t detect any cables in the WAN port, I have tried different Ethernet cables and still the same result. I have also used other Ethernet ports to connect the WAN port and nothing. I did check the internet connection without the router and it worked fine. Now I’ve restarted several times and it’s stuck in a blue flashing light mode. I was hoping I could get some support.

same here. i have the same issue. anyone has a fix?

I contacted technical support through email and they advised me to try a different things depending on what I could access, and since in my case I could still access the web panel I went ahead and reset all the router settings back to factory settings and proceeded to setup the router as new again, and it worked. One thing they recommended was to check if I wasn’t using the WAN port as a LAN port instead, so I’d check the web panel settings.