No internet-vpn server-brume1000w

Hello All,

I’m trying to set up a brume1000w as a vpn server. I have already set up a AR750s as a server in a different location. So i did the same procedures to set up the brume.

  1. reset router internet worked for 5 minutes before it stopped working
    2.diagnostics>ping works without a problem

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You set up as vpn server? How did you verify it work or not?

Where did you use the ping?

Sorry for the late reply. All is working now. It seems the gateway ip was intefering with the IP addres of the wireguard server.

Looks like the issue is back. the ping was done in Network>diagnostics.

On the client side the vpn shows active and pinging works but nothing on the browser

I need more details to tell.

Cannot understand the set up.

1000mv(server)---->ar750s(client). The server seems to be set up correctly, on the client side it shows as green. I was able to use access but no other site works. it seems of a possible conflict in dns?

The server is behind another router(ISP router) the port forwards were made, is there anything i should look out? The router is connected to 10 other things including a switch

Let me know if need more info

Just want to confirm if you have conflict subnet?

When it is done, can you check if it is DNS done? You can ping and ping to determine.