No internet when IP Vanish vpn connected

no matter which server I choose I have no internet access once the vpn is enabled

AfterVPN ie enabled, try putting in a custom DNS (try googles,, wait a minute, and go to a web page. Have Internet?


post the screenshot of vpn page please.

When you say there is no Internet access, what does your browser say? domain name cannot be resolved or cannot access website. Please post a screenshot.

And set the custom DNS, it should take effect for several seconds. But of course you may need longer because your device needs to refresh their cache.

Thank you - once changed the dns to yes I can access internet

does changing the dns gave any effect on my privacy ?

Unless you are doing something VERY Illegal, no. It is a google DNS server and your DNS queries are mixed up with millions of others. However, if you are worried, contact IP Vanish, ask them what their DNS Server address is, and use that one. It MAY be more private.


I would recomment to NEVER share anything willingly with Google -they log everything (and share it with any or whatever agency asks for it) . Use your VPN DNS, OpenDNS, DNS.Watch etc.

Glitch - Agree: my point was that if you are only using it for region blocking or some benign use like that (where you don’t care what they share), it is a reliable DNS (and excellent for testing purposes). With only DNS information, it would take a very concerted and expensive effort to find out anything significant about you. But, for those with concerns or who just want to be careful, your point is well taken.


Thanks guys

will try opendns

It’s a good, reliable DNS.