No IPv6 on VPN if no IPv6 before VPN?

My OpenVPN server will hand out a working IPv6 address if the client asks for one- tested on my tablets and phones.

But I’ve noticed that if I connect to my VPN on my AR-750 running 3.002 that connected clients don’t have IPv6 connectivity (although they’re getting an IPv6 ULA (fc00::/7, usually fdce:: somewhere).

Is the 750’s OpenVPN client not asking for an IPv6 address, or are we not even trying because the underlying actual connection is IPv4-only?

GL routers aren’t compatible with IPv6, because of it didn’t universal yet.

OK, I’ll admit IPv6 is not all that common (especially in travel applications, in decades of traveling I’ve never had a hotel hand out an IPv6 address), but if that’s the case, why even hand out an IPv6 ULA on the LAN?

Is there any log for our reference?

I’m sorry, for which?

Pls ssh to the router, issue logread, show the output.

I have just sent you a PM (there, that’s > 20 chars).