No more FTP after update to 4.2 Beta 3?

After updating to 4.2.Beta 3 is

Netdata gone
FTP is completely gone
Adguard is reset

Memory is 94% full with whatever

Why and where is everything

I remember reading in another thread that GL.iNet official says that it’s still unstable and that they will add FTP once will be stable!

Do you also hate the memory 94% full for no reason?

FTP and NFS added in version 4.2 were not released as stable due to too many bugs. We plan to refactor in the second half of the year.

Just gave VSFTPD a try with minimal config, over Wi-Fi does around 900Mbit on the Slate with EXT4, and 650Mbit with NTFS. Must be one of the fastest wireless portable NAS setup out there.
Combined with Raidrive it works really well.
WebDAV peaks at 350Mbit only with high cpu usage.