No remote access via Goodcloud

Router model: MT300N-V2
Firmware version: 3.215
VPN policies:

Cannot connect to the router remotely via Goodcloud. It appears as offline. The router is connected to the internet via Wan.
I turned off the Remote Access option and turned it back on.
I reverted the firmware and turned on the Remote Access option again

None of this troubleshootings have worked for me. And also it does not allow me to unbind the device so I can rebind. Every time I click on Unbid, it says success but nothing happend.

Any idea?

At the moment, the unbind function is under debugging and disabled temporarily. When it’s enabled I’ll let you know.
You can change the region without unbind though.

Thank you @hansome
What about the router remote in Goodcloud. Do you have any idea?


Can’t unbind.
Can’t delete device from list.
Can’t access remote ssh/web.

More detail:

Request URL:**deviceid**&shareIds=
Request Method: DELETE
Status Code: 200

{“code”:-1001,“msg”:“server error”,“info”:“”}

Could you share your device to us? My username of GoodCloud is yongping