Noob VPN Questions gl-mt300n-v2


I am struggling to get my head around the VPN setup on my gl-mt300n-v2 (firmware 3.2 from memory).

My set up is very similar to the image in this post:

I want to use the gl-mt300n-v2 as a VPN box between my main router and iptv

I have read this tutorial and it looks like I need to have open vpn server and client running:

I have NordVPN and upload the NordVPN ovpn client file but I get an error message when trying to start the client about a conflicting VPN service that is already running and I need to stop it. I have factory reset twice and get the same error message. What am I doing wrong?

I thought I had it working last night without having the vpnserver part running but when the TV was on the VPN throughput was not changing.

I have the router in standard router mode, is there anything else I need to watch out for?

Thanks in advance

same issue here. using v3.025

All sorted now, I did another factory reset and followed the tutorial on NordVPN’s website:

IPTV is running very smoothly, this will hopefully be more stable than my Pi VPN gateway I was using previously.

hey ya. no luck from my side. Would it be possible to let me know

  1. which firmware are you using for gl-mt300n-v2?
  2. do you connect the gl-mt300n-v2 to your internet connectivity using wireless? wire?
  3. do you use UDP for the nordvpn ovpn files?

I connect to my main router using the ethernet cable and then connected to the gl-mt300 using wifi to configure.

I used UDP Nord config files.

Have you followed the tutorial on the Nord website?

Try factory reset first and then try to setup