Nord VPN on L2TP


So I got the AR-300M primarily as a travel VPN router. It works great for WISP, with or without Nord. I just have a few questions to improve my experience & I’m hopeful someone can help.

I am in a shared accommodation. We have a BT HomeHub 5 as a Primary WiFi, which is WISP into my network by a TP-Link TL-WR 902AC. It then feeds via eth into my 8port switch.

Of one of the ports I have an Old D-Link DIR 615, that’s set to Nord’s Indian VPN via L2TP for in-house use.

For reference - on the BT, I get 35down / 16up with a 9ms ping. I get same on the TP-Link. And 25/12 via DLink on VPN. So far so good.

On the GL-Inet I get 10/5 via OpenVPN so i spoke to Nord about it and they said OPENVPN should be better which we proved when I set up a laptop on win10 and openvpn as a Wisp & fed it to AR300M - we got like 30/14 - but that defeats the whole portability feature of a AR300.

so I went into the AR300, connected via openvpn first, and then went into Luci and changed vpn to L2TP and got same results as DLink.

but it doesn’t last - works for a few moments and then there is no vpn or internet.

how can I get AR300M to make a L2TP connection like the DLink and run rock solid - not really concerned about privacy - all I want in this setup is to watch Indian IPTV and it works great on L2TP




L2TP is a little difficult to set up because of shared keys etc.

Can you use PPtP? It is simple and you don’t care about privacy.