Nordvpn restart and reconnect

Hello to all.

I am happy with Nordvpn but I have a problem. Every few hours (I don’t know exactly) openvpn stops working and I read:

“openvpn not started”

So I have to start openvpn again or I have to reboot the router completely to make nordvpn go. So…

  • Is there a way to get openvpn started if it stops working?

  • Is there a way to reconnect to the nordvpn server automatically?

As soon as I can I write the firmware that mounts. The model is GL-MT300N-V2


Maybe openvpn receives an error that causes the background process to exit. You can try to write a daemon to monitor the openvpn process

How can I do? I’m not an expert. Thanks

Pls give the log when it failed to connected first. The log is displayed on the Openvpn client connection page.