Note 8 tethering issue

I am in need of some help I have the b1300 router, I am having issue tethering, if I connect note 8 to router it is never recognized as a tether option. If connect pixel 2, recognized immediately. I connected the note 8 to different tethering router works no issues. I have tried different usb cables as mentioned in other posts as possibly an issue.

Had a old case not working with Note 10. The problem was the USB cable.

Do you have other USB cables?

I have a similar problem. I have an S8 that the B1300 will not see as a tethering device. If I use that same cable with an AR-750S (slate) it works.

If I use the same cable with a Pixel 2 or a Samsung S22 the B1300 will see it. But won’t see the S8?

I have tried other USB cables, and the B1300 still doesn’t see it.