Noticed some weirdness with IPv6

I need to write down some of the issues I’d seen with IPv6, but is it a bug or feature that in the IPv6 page you can’t select the source from the available WANs like you could with the previous UI- now it’s just the LAN side that’s got options.

TBH if this means it automatically switches the WAN source, I’m all for it though.

I’d thought I’d also seen where LAN-side clients weren’t getting IPv6 addresses (either NAT6 or SLAAC) after a WAN network change (i.e., from tethering to Ethernet or Repeater) but I can’t seem to reproduce it RN.

This is what it supposes to be.

Do you mean it is buggy during failover?

See, that’s just it- it’s sporadic. And not so much “failover”, but during some preliminary testing of the AX I have a Netgear Unite Hotspot I use when traveling that has IPv6, but you have to use NAT6 (as I believe I only get a /128), but at home I have full (SLAAC/DHCPv6 -capable) IPv6 internet. I’d had both the HS and an Ethernet cable from my home’s Internet plugged in, but when I switched Internet sources from the main menu, I don’t think IPv6 got carried over to the LAN-side, even when I switched from NAT6 to SLAAC (y’all call it “Native”).

This should be considered more of a heads-up than an actual “bug” RN, as I haven’t fully tested this, just noticed it.