On Slate Is it possible to auto connect when usb tether plugged

Hi from what I tested, if I plugged my mobile phone to the USB port of my slate, turn on the USB tethering.
I need to go to the interface and turn on the USB tethering before it will connect.
Is there anyway to automate this portion so when I plugged the phone and turn on the tether from the phone, it will automatically enabled as WAN?

Never try. Seem there isn’t a hotplug singal to do that.

First, when you enable for the first time, it will always auto connect later.

If you want a script that it can auto connect without even click for the first time, the hotplug script could be iface scripts.

For example, you need to know the iface name, e.g. eth2 or usb0 then you can write script to set up all the UCI config and connect in /etc/hotplug.d/. You can find some samples from openwrt.

We don’t want to do this in the default firmware because this is actually a very complicated process to automate everything.

thanks for the info, didn’t know it will auto connect later, will re test it.

Hi I ran te test, and it does indeed will auto connect the next time, we connect to the USB.

For the saved network I was under the assumption it is the same. But it does not behave so in my test, is it because I have more than 1 Saved Network?

What firmware are you using? If 3.019 and above it should auto connect.

I’m on 3.009. that’s the last update showing in the update page.
Is there a known issue or the saved wifi auto connection only in 3.019 ?