Opal Repeater mode drops connection

I recently purchased this travel router and tried to use it at an Inn that offered free wifi in its rooms. I was able to connect to the Inn's wifi in repeater mode. However, the Opal would disconnect at various times for no apparent reason. I found I had to reboot it to make it accessible once again.

I upgraded the firmware to 3.216 in the hopes that it would resolve the problem. That does not seem to be the case. I've seen other users complaining about dropped connections with other models.

How can I resolve this?

Upgrade to 4.3.11

Thanks for the reply. It's my understanding that version 4 firmware is Beta. Is that correct?

That's correct, but it is still worth a try.

@admon @hecatae Thanks. Will take a look at this.

I have also been having issues with the Opal dropping wifi connections. Usually it will randomly reappear, but often have to toggle device wifi off/on.

Upgraded the firmware to last night. Seemed to be working OK but today the dropped wifi issues started again.

Worked fine for a long time with the previous firmware I had (I think it was the last 3.x version). The router has become endlessly frustrating now.