Opal sft1200's 5G unstable and disappear when in extender mode


firmware is 3.206

i used it as router mode and both 2.4G and 5G is working well.

recently i wanna use as extender mode,
but 5G doesn’t show up and even connected, easily drops.
2.4G work ok however.

5G doesn’t how up i mean when I refresh my phone’s wifi list,
i can see opal-2.4G but only waited a long time the 5G show up (or may be not show up at all).
and when I wanna connect to the 5G, it simply cant get online or drops shortly.


ps: i reverted to factory status multiple times and still got the extender problem.
now using in router mode everything is ok.

I just tried and seems I don’t have this problem.

I set up extender and connect to my main wifi vai 5G. But I need to reboot the router to make it work.

anyway i just bought a 2nd opal.

using access point mode it is working well.

seems speed is faster than repeater mode.

i will turn my 1st opal ( the problematic one)
to access point mode to see too.


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