Opal VPN without NAT

I have VPN configured on my OPAL. It sits behind a router, because I can’t disable the router of my ISP. I have port forwarding set in place to access it.


  • The IP I Get when connecting to the VPN is the IP of my the OPAL - not the IP of the ISP router.


  • Is it possible to disconnect DHCP and OPAL NAT and make OPAL work as a switch to my ISP router and while connecting to it via VPN, my ISP Router would provide the IP to the “remote” device?

Unfortunately now it is impossible to do so.

Openvpn does has bridge mode (tap), but you want to bridge to your main router, that needs extra setup etc.

If you just want to access devices connected to your main router, it should not be a problem I think.

If I put it in bridge mode, I get a switch with an Access point. But no VPN functionality.
Do I understand this correctly?

We are talking about two kind of bridge.

  1. Network mode on the router, e.g. router, ap (bridge), extender (bridge), wds (bridge)
  2. Openvpn TAP bridge. Docs OpenVPN Bridge - GL.iNet Docs

Before you use any bridge, you should think if it is possible to implenent using router mode.