Opal /w adguard SUDDENLY blocked all traffic

i knew adguard is not officially supported on opal,
but i did install it and used it for a long time without problem;
btw, opal work as 2nd router, under a brume W.

however, today adguard blocked all traffic instead.
i have to remove it, and switch to rely on adblock to block some websites that i want to block.

problem solved, just post this as a record.

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It could be caused by limited resources of Opal.
You can try removing adguard log or reboot the device.

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i got 2 opal, use together under a brumew.

the opals recently unstable.

i now turn back to use a single brumew.

may trouble shoot later.

each time the network sucks, i used several hours to tackle the problem.

i cant do that frequently, so back to simple 1st.

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