Open Vpn Managment

Hello Guys

I have set up my GL-MT1300 Beryl router with open Vpn client. Sometimes it has authentification problem with the server. I don’t know if the administrators of the servers are disconnecting me because the server is overloaded, but anyway I want to ask if the developers of the routers firmware are planing to upgrade the router with option for auto switching between the selected servers? Is there any way of how to set up the router for this auto switching option already? If there is such a option please let me know guys and if not I can’t wait for possible upgrade and hopefully one day i will be able to run the router by itself, It’s pretty anoying logging into the router every time server is down. Thank you for any comments and have a nice day, week, month everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great suggestion. Hope the developers seriously look into it.

I don’t know if a auto switch vpn profile can be developed. But in our firmware v4.x we are allowing multiple vpn connections.

You may build vpn connection for two profiles (may not from the same service provider if not allowed).

Not sure if this can solve your issue.

I think you should report the problem to your VPN service provider. They should provide a stable experience or you should switch to another provider.

If the router automatically switches VPN servers, then you will likely be logged out of some sites when they see that your IP address has changed.

It’s not the provider problem, i have find out uninstalling wire guard packages will make my log in work absolutely without problem and I am Nord Vpn user. Luci is writing me some errors, but the performance of the router is also faster. I am still looking for auto switch between the servers and what in this website forum has been said already developers are not able to provide such a update for the router.

Have you tried listing the remote addresses in the OpenVPN config? OpenVPN tries them in order, or randomly, until it connects.

You might sanitize your openvpn client config file and post it here. There should be a keep-alive command in there, maybe multiple remotes and a remote-retry.

If the connection stops then nothing is happening.