Open vpn on gl-ar300m internet connection slows me a lot

hi I just bought ar330m, I loaded the vpn on open vpn, but the 30 mega connection drops me to 8 mega, I tried vpn as "air vpn, expressvpn, ipvanish … but the problem persists.

while if I connect via vpn app on the pc the speed drops very little.

so the problem is on openvpn der mini router … can you help me?

VPN speed is limited by CPU. AR300M could achieve up to 17Mpbs but depends on the network and server, the actual speed could be slower. 8Mbps is a normal speed.

but without vpn arrival at 27 megs, you can do qlcs to increase? and then output lan me but without vpn you can activate? thanks for the help

what do you mean qlcs?

sorry I said that without the vpn, my velovita is 27 megs, but drops to 7/8 with ipvanish.

and then because exit lan does not go on vpn?