OpenVPN authetication

Hello Guys

I am owner of Beryl GL-MT1300, and I am finding authentication login problem every time I am trying connect to new server. I am NordVPN user which shouldn’t be problem. My firmware is up to date 3.203. Also I am using gl-inet app on my android which allows me to rewrite country of the server location, but the problem still occurs.

Thank you

I just try GL-MT1300 3.203 with NordVPN HK server, it works well.
Which NordVPN server you are using? Could you please upload the OpenVPN config file, thanks.
For some countries they block NordVPN, hope you are not at those counties.

Please follow the guide below to setup NordVPN on GL.iNet router.

All configuration files are set up, i have 100 servers on the list but none of them is working. I have mobile Internet through dongle with sim card inserted. I was thinking and maybe it is problem with signal, i have best mobile phone provider in the country and wouldn’t be better if ill buy some 4g antenna or make my own like kreosan did?

Ok i have find out unistalling wireguard packages will sort the problem, it’s working absolutely fine without those packages.

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