OpenVPN client, access from server side to router clients


I’ve just received my GL MIFI 4G router and have successfully configured it to be a OpenVPN client extending my home network.So far, very happy with the product. OpenVPN server is running at home on a ubuntu machine in tun mode. It is already in use for different remote nodes, hence I do not wish to change it’s mode to i.e. tap.
Now; By connecting as wifi client locally to the MIFI unit I’m able to access my home network without problems, however I cannot access clients connected to the MIFI, or the MIFI itself from my home network. I’ve tried to change the firewall rules to allow pass-trough based on different post found here but no success. I need to be able to access the router remotely and also it’s clients, as the purpose is to use it for IOT devices. Any instructions / help / advise is much appreciated!


If you change the INPUT to ACCEPT in vpn_zone you should be able to access MiFi remotely, but the route/firewall will be complicated if you also want to access its clients. I think it will be easier with tap mode.

Hi Riho-shuu,

Thank you for your support.
I can set-up another OpenVPN server instance in tap/bridge mode on the ubuntu machine if that is the best way. Is there an tutorials or information available which describes how to configure the MIFI with this setup, or would it work both ways as default?


You can try to upload tap config file with 3.105 firmware.