Openvpn download comparison beryl mt1300 vs GL-MT300N-V2

I need to know the difference in performance and limitations of the two products. I have to go to a hotel abroad for 20 days and their wifi speed is about 50mbps and I would like to use one of the two routers with nordvpn (openvpn).
What would be the maximum download speed and delay using beryl mt1300 or GL-MT300N-V2 with OPENVPN?
I also need to watch streaming movies.
thank you for your reply.

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Just at the moment, in one particular location, my Mango is slightly faster with OpenVPN than my Beryl. I’m connecting to my home router which has a 30mb upload connection (slightly overprovisioned), and my Mango is downloading at about 10, and the Beryl about 7.

A little weird, because while OpenVPN is single threaded, and so can’t take advantage of the Beryl’s dual core, the Beryl has a higher clock speed.

Wireguard is different, and while in theory the Beryl should be much faster, the Mango is outperforming it.

Bear in mind that you might have better results running the client on a laptop.

In hotels alwasy choose a dual-band router.

Thank you for your answers.
Any examples of dual band travel routers?

Beryl, Opal, Slate XT.

thanks you. I will try beryl :wink: