OpenVPN gateway

Is it possible to use the MT300N V2 as an openVPN gateway…

for example i have a router, multiple switches and devices.

i would like to be able to choose individual devices across the network to connect to the openvpn router to use the encrypted connection.

i was thinking of connecting both ports to the switch and setting the LAN to be a static IP on same subnet amd giving the WAN a different IP on same subnet pointing to the external router.

Now if you enable vpn all traffic will go through VPN. If you want to choose which connection goes to VPN you need some iptable rules. This is a feature nice to have but not yet available in the current firmware.

Thanks for the quick response. It certainly would be a good feature to have. I know many people in my area are currently looking for VPN solutions and I’ve recommended these routers on a “per device” basis but if they could be configured for multiple devices without additional wiring that would be a great selling point.