OpenVPN not working after reboot / reconnect GL-AR300M


after updating to the latest version from 3.201? to 3.203 i have problems with OPENVPN.

If my remote OPENVPN Server or my GL-AR300M reboots the tunnel makes often problems when connecting. I use VPN Policy enabled.

I can temporary fix this by manual disconnect and then reconnect the OPENVPN-Client connection over the webgui. I can´t upload my logfile because i´m new user. I have the logfile from starting until automatic connect and manual connect .

I use the actual Software 3.203. Who can help?

In 3.203 you can try set vpn policies, do not use vpn for process on the router, then have a try.

Pls note the above settings may cause dns leak if this is a problem.


I can try it. But i only have enabled vpn for “process on the router” because i need to remote connect to the glinet router from my server through openvpn. If i disabled it i can´t reach the webgui for administration. Thats a problem.

Before 3.203 i modified startvpn and vpn.user (as seen here in some forums) to get following scenario working:

  • GLINET as wlan repeater (it uses an external safe guest network)
  • GLINET wlan clients use the repeated wlan for direct internet access and dns (so when vpn is broken they safe have inet)
  • GLINET wlan clients can connect through internal ip range via openvpn to my home network
  • My home network can connect via openvpn to the GLINET range including also.

Is it ok to get this working with the new policies when i turn of vpn for “process on the router” or do i need to modify these files again?

Maybe you can disable vpn policy and enable it again.

I tested it. OpenVPN with activated “VPN for processes …” make problems if activated. After some time the GLINET connects and directly disconnects. WIthout the connection is stable.

Yes, understand this problem. Time cannot upgrade because of this option. Fixing this