OpenVPN profile not available on mobile app

Hi I recently purchased AR750S slate and configured with IPvanish using OpenVPN client and Mullvad VPN using Wireguard protocol. However, when I log in using the Android app, I don’t see the Ipvanish on the VPN tab. I just seet the Mullvad in the VPN in mobile app. Can someone help me?

Now the app and firmware does not sync vpn profiles. The app only sees the current using profile.

We may sync the profiles from firmware to the app but not from the app to the firmware.

Will this be raised and a fix be made? Or is that how it was intended to be?

It makes sense for sync both ways whether you add from app or firmware.

Often a VPN client is tied to Android session. The best way to use it is from when the phone initializes and you have to enter unlock. The VPN of choice and other network settings are selected and the Android connects to the internet. If you want to be certain it is NOT your Android interfering with Open VPN or Wiregaurd, then you will insure that what is set on the Android is inline with what is on the router. Maybe power cycle the router at the same time …give it all a fresh start.

It was desgiend like this. But as many people as to sync the vpn profiles, we will add sync from router to APP, but not from the app to the router. This is because smartphone app can manage much more profiles than the router.

oh… so basically the router is a lightweight access point if you are using goodcloud, and they can also access and monitor your routers