OpenVPN server 2.27 MT300A

I’ve just installed the test 2.27 firmware on my MT300A.

A few observations and suggestions after testing the OpenVPN sever option. It works well !

1, The internal sdcard is now longer visible with 2.27. However, external USB storage is shown when a USB stick is plugged in.

2, Would it be possible to allow the selection of non-standard VPN ports on the GLi user interface ?

3, An option to have multiple user certificates ?

4, A start VPN server on boot option tick box ?

5, An option to force DNS servers ?

I’m really pleased this functionality has been added - it makes the router so more flexible.

I don’t want to ask too much but when the Open VPN server out of Beta and stable, is there any intention of supporting the WireGuard protocol ?

Thanks for supporting these devices.


Thanks. We will improve this vpn function in the following two months to make it more usable.

Just a quick update - I tried using the MT300A with firmware as a OpenVPN client device. I was connecting to my home OpenVPN server. The MT300A was connected via an Ethernet cable to a router in a hotel.

The MT300A with firmware 2.27 was unstable and had difficulty connecting and holding an OpenVPN connection. I re-flashed back to the “old” stable 2.264 firmware and everything was then OK.

The 2.27 firmware appears to have introduced problems with the OpenVPN client functionality.

I am really grateful that you support your devices so please take this as constructive feedback !

@kyson-lok please have a check of the @pseudonoise 's suggestions.

Most of what your talking about can be done in the standard .ovpn config no?

Port is in the config
User certificates can also go directly into the config
Force DNS maybe not, but you can define push DNS options combined with route all traffic over the VPN

@pseudonoise For my testing, openvpn client is stable on 2.27 firmware. Actually, there is any change for openvpn client.

Hi Kyson-Lok,

Thanks for the reply - so the the client firmware is the same on 2.27 and 2.264 ?

i was unable to do any thorough checks on the client VPN on 2.27 but it definitely appeared to have problems which did not happen with 2.264. Looking forward to 2.27 becoming stable !

Can you guys share the steps on how to setup the openvpn server? Thanks

Hi Doki - I just clicked on the set up options and followed the instructions to set up the server. It was very straightforward.

Hi there! Could please let us know how did you do the set up? Where we can find any instruction? I can’t see any instruction on the web interface (AR300M and 2.27 Firmware).


There is no docs for this yet.

Go to VPN Server page:

  1. Generate configuration files. This takes 1 minutes. Maybe you need to refresh the web page using F5.
  2. Export the ovpn files, which will be used in client side
  3. Start the server.

@alzhao thanks for your reply. I was generating the ovpn file as expected but when I try to import it on my client I got the following error (see attached pic). client is a Linux Ubuntu Machine with Network Manager. Any idea?

I would like to connect from a Linux machine (country A) to my home (country B). Do I need two GL.Inet devices to achieve this or is it enough having one GL.Inet router in my home acting as openvpn server?

Pls message me your ovpn file for a check.