OpenVPN Server stopped receiving data on GL.iNet 300M v3after switching modes

Apologies for a long post but I wanted to provide some background and details. Let me also start by saying that I have never used GL-iNet routers before and have a basic understanding of network connectivity (enough to cause issues!). I recently starting working on a project with a family member who lives in another state to host a network-based TV tuner that would connect to my Plex Server. Plex needs to see the tuner on my local network in order to access it.

To accomplish this I purchased a pair of GL-iNet 300m’s and configured one as an OpenVPN Server and other as a OpenVPN client. I then connected the 300M configured as the OpenVPN server to my router and configured my router to pass the VPN traffic to the 300M. I then connected the 300M to my router to be connected to the Internet with the cable connected to the WAN port. My family member connected the 300M configured as an OpenVPN client to his router and I was able to see traffic on the VPN if I looked at the OpenVPN Server page with bytes transferred.

My problem was that I couldn’t connect with the tuner connected to the LAN port of the OpenVPN client 300M from my Plex server which is connected to a switch connected to my router. I tried switching the mode of the 300M to Access Point but it look like the OpenVPN server was no longer running so I switched it back to router and connected the switch to LAN port of the 300M so that my Plex server would be on the same subnet but now I don’t see any traffic on the OpenVPN server.

Can someone help me with some tips on troubleshooting why the VPN client can’t connect to the VPN server? Also, is my assumption correct that once the client is connected that the device connected to the LAN port of the VPN client will essentially be on my local network?

Openvpn does not work in AP mode and other bridge mode.
If you want to connect to two different areas of the network, you can use S2S