Openvpn with expressvpn slow and not all servers connectio

I followed the tutorial here

My preferred vpn server connects, but I cant load any webpage, it says server DNS address could not be found and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG

Another server connects, but the speed is only 1mbps instead of 10mbps with the dekstop vpn software.

Is there anything I can try changing in the .ovpn files?

I tried the expressvpn support, but they refuse to help since they don’t officially support the router.


edit: I changed the dns to google dns and all servers seem to be working, speeds are still slow, but I might not be able to do anything about that.

Are all the servers having slow speed? Can you try one server near your region?

Tell Express it’s nothing to do with the router - it’s their servers!

I got allmost all servers working now, but speeds are universally slow. their servers give me 20mbps with the desktop app, i never get more than 4mbps with openwrt. support basically confirmed that they throttle, because they dont support the router specifically. i asked if they support any travel routers, nope.