OpenVPN2.5 support CHACHA20-POLY1305

OpenVPN2.5 already support CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher.
MV1000 can install the following ipk to use it. (224.4 KB)

Have you tried? What is the speed?

Yes please perform a benchmark if you can! Would be interesting and useful to see if this will obtain higher than the rated 97Mbps for OpenVPN.

It does perform better, but still not as fast as Wireguard. Probably around 10% increase in speed, but what is most interesting is you will will have better battery life on connected devices such as phones, as they will spend less time decrypting the data, as well as better security as ChaCha20 is one of the most secure ciphers at the moment.

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Hey Johnex, would mind clarifying better battery life on client device is with openvpn chacha20 or with wireguard. thanks.

Wireguard runs only ChaCha20, so it would be almost the same. Wireguard is still more efficient than OpenVPN so there would be some battery life saved from that too. To see how much we would need tests.

Wireguard still remains superior in all ways though and it’s what I recommend people use.

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WG is layer 2, so more efficient…

OVPN is layer 3, and more overhead, but in some environments, might still be a choice if WG doesn’t work.

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