OpenWrt 19.07 - End of Life

Hello awesome router creators,

With OpenWrt 19.07 on the brink of being End of Life (1,2), what can we expect in terms of security updates and/or the release of firmware version 4.x in the near future?



  1. OpenWrt 19.07 end of life on 4. March 2022
  2. [OpenWrt Wiki] Security

If you search through the forum, you will see that they have been working on the 4.x firmware for sometime now and it will be based on OpenWrt 21.02. When it will be available is an unknown. The first post I saw about a 4.x release date was for the middle of 2021.

More recent posts just say sometime in 2022.

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Which Router do you have in use? There are OpenWRT FW’s for GL.Inet out there based on 21.02.2. I run my Slate since months with it.

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so which firmware to choose to flash Slate will be better ? (NOR one or NOR/NAND one ? ) (I am a OpenWRT flash newbie) :grinning:

I use to have the NOR/NAND version and runs fine.

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