Openwrt 19.07?

any plans to update slate to 19.07?
It’s been out a while now.


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I am also keen to see some of the new features of 19.07, but you have to remember that the folks at Gl-inet have to update at least 20 products at the same time. Then they have to test each product separately.

For me, the outstanding new feature of 19.07 is WPA3, but the big issue here is separating router bugs from client bugs. WPA3 support is really only available on Windows devices, and some Androids and iPhones. Most clients, in current use, have not been tested on WPA3. So expect many client bugs to surface.

My guess is that you will need to be patient. If that is difficult for you, think about trying the raw Openwrt for slate. I expect this will work but you will immediately miss out on the tweaks that GL-inet have added that make Openwrt much more user friendly.

Link: [OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-AR750

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As @tlymer wrote GL doesn’t have enough devs to push updates to all the devices at the same time. As with all things, they are currently focusing on the latest products, then updates will trickle down from there. If you are in a rush to test 19.07, you can update to Vanilla OpenWRT and if you find bugs, report them on the OpenWRT forums for now :slight_smile: