Openwrt-6416-2.12.bin webcam not working

After upgrading to openwrt-6416-2.12.bin, the webcam is not functioning anymore.
When I SSH to the router & enter “/etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer start”, the webcam LED is turning ON, however the webcam LED changing back to OFF after I navigated to “http://” & the page is not accessible.

not the video stream and snapshot interface is:

both and htpp:// are not working is working fine, however is not working

Here is my mjpg-streamer configuration:
config mjpg-streamer core
option enabled “1”
option input ‘uvc’
option output ‘http’
option device “/dev/video0”
option resolution “640x480”
option fps “15”
option www “/www/webcam”
option port “8083”
option yuv “0”

can you tell me what is happening if you visit and ?

I just tried and it works fine. I am using firefox. is working ok seems loading forever.