openWRT iperf3 package support

It would be nice have openWRT iperf3 package included in the next firmware release for GL-MT300N-V2.

you can install it as a plugin


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Now I was able to find the Iperf plugin and installed it.
I have also opened ports 5201 and 5001 (in both routers, mango and main router) but the client cannot connect, the error is “connection refused”.
I searched the net but I couldn’t figure it out.
Any suggestion? Pls help!
Thanks in advance.

It depends if how you connect the routers. If the data goes via wan you need to open ports on firewall.

hi. is this plugin no longer available? i’m on brume w/ firmware 3.105 (latest as of 6/23/21) and i can’t find it. tia

Pls try 3.203 snapshot