Opkg applications in Domino + Tor firmware

I can’t get the application list to load under luci -> System -> Software. It downloads from the repositories successfully, but no software is listed under available packages. Is this something that can be fixed in the configuration?


Edit to mention that this is on a GL-AR150


The firmware uses sources from OpenWrt 1505, but there are some bugs preventing Luci to show any software. This has been corrected on the newest OpenWrt 1505 source. So need to recompile the firmware.

However you can use ssh to login the system and install packages.

BTW, the Tor firmware’s software repo points to standard openwrt repo, so you may not install kernel drivers.

I would like to know: is such recompilation planned for observable future? Now I have two alternatives - to use Tor firmware with attempts to install additional packages via SSH, or basic firmware with attempts to tune TOR. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Linux, so both these ways are terrible to me. I would prefer to wait reasonable time for improved version.

Yes. We will compile in the near future.

Oh, thanks!!! I will be waiting (patiently).

started compiling. Hope to release in a few days.

Please download Tor firmware 1.3 from http://www.gl-inet.com/firmware/

Tor firmware 1.3 are available for GL.iNet6416, GL-AR150, GL-AR300 and Domino

The firmware is able to install extra packages, including kernel modules.

Okay, so this evening will be quite amusing! Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!!

I flashed my router. Opkg is working, tor is working. Excellent job!!! One more time, thank you, alzhao, for your outstanding product! Russia with you forever. And now, Samba and Transmission are on my agenda… I am drinking a gulp of vodka and beginning…

Samba is not difficult to configure. But we didn’t configure this in the Tor firmware. You can use our stock firmware which have Samba configure already.

It is Orthodox Christmas Holiday in Russia from tomorrow. I worked in a Russian company before. Nobody will work in those days!!

Happy long holiday!

I would like to have got both Samba and Tor. So indeed Samba is not a rocket science, I prefer to install Samba onto Tor firmware, instead of vice versa. And our long Christmas Hollidays will give me enough time for this activity, I hope. I cannot only drink vodka and eat salads for 10 days uninterruptedly!

The openwrt Samaba package works fine.

But the problem is to make it works with device hotplug and set access privilege, automatically.